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Christmas 2001 { Dec 2001 }

I'm only a little behind with posting photos to the site. Here are some pictures of Christmas 2001. Tomoe was in school in England, and I was sitting around Tokyo doing nothing in particular for the holiday. We toyed with the idea of me going to Europe, but being the cheap bastishes that we are, we decided it would be much cheaper to go to the US, and mooch of my parents than to travel in Europe. It would also be much more enjoyable.

A little commentary on the photos...

Two days after we arrived, the 22nd I think, Tomoe and I took the camper up to the UP in search of snow for cross-country skiing. We ran into a bit in Grayling, and stopped for a few hours, then headed up to the Mackinaw where we were the only campers and there was no snow. The next day we headed up to Taqwanenananomoemnoe Falls where there was a little snow, but not enough to ski. We headed back to camp and tried to have a nice camp-fire dinner, but the wind off the lake was too strong and I didn't want to start a forest fire on Christmas-eve-eve, so had some pancakes.

Wouldn't you know it, the next morning, when we had to get home early for Christmas-eve festivities, I woke up to an eerie silence at around 5 am to find a couple inches of snow. Of course i was worried about the fact that I have totaled two cars in snow-related accidents, and we had a (normally) three-hour-drive back to Bay City ahead of us, but more worrisome was the fact that we had taken the heavy camper down a steep hill, with a sign saying "off-limits", and now that hill had slippery snow-drifts covering it. On the way up the car was making some strange noises, so the day before we had searched for a repair shop in the area, but they were all closed... every place with a tow-truck was closed. We were hauling a heavy trailer with a car making strange noises and had to climb a steep hill covered with snow, then drive through the snow all the way home in time for Christmas-eve services at 6:00.

Unfortunately, it was not as exciting as it could have been. We made it up the hill fine, and the snow cleared an hour after Mackinaw, so we made it home in plenty of time.

Other photos include cookie cutting, Tweety, mom's bird which is very nice considering he is the spawn of the devil.

Some posed pictures of Tomoe by the tree acting Christmasy, Aunt Uncle and cousins, Tim, Shannon, Kelly, mom and Dad, and a night on the town in Ann Arbor with friends since 1st, and 5th grade, Jason and Sarah.