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Christmas Cheer

Charlene, from Char's Adventures talks about her class Christmas pageant. It just happens to be the same day I am reading David Sedaris' book Holidays on Ice (just arrived from Amazon Saturday!!!). I like his view on school pagents...

Here again the first through third-grade actors graced the stage with an enthusiasm most children reserve for a smallpox vaccination. One could hardly blame them for their lack of vitality, as the stingy, uninspired script consists, not of springy dialogue, but rather of a deadening series of pronouncements.

Mary to Joseph: "I am tired."
Joseph to Mary: "We will rest here for the night."

There's no fire, no give and take, and the audience soon grows weary of this passionless relationship"

A strong proponent of trendy racially mixed casting, Michaels gives us a black Tiny Tim, leaving the audience to wonder, "What, is this kid supposed to be adopted?" It's a distracting move, wrongheaded and pointless.

There is also a lovely story of one of his childhood Christmas memories.

Were I to receive a riding vacuum cleaner or even a wizend proboscis monkey, it wouldn't please me half as much as knowing that we were the only family in the neighborhood with a prostitute in our kitchen.

Really great stuff. I was looking for some of these on-line, and couldn't find the text, but found a link that has lots of recordings of Sedaris reading some of his work.

* * *

I met a fun guy this weekend who is a designer of buttons (the type you see on a computer program). He also does other design and illustration. He was telling me about how when he worked for Sony, drawing Sesame Street characters on children's products. I always wondered how they got every single Big Bird to look the same as every other Big Bird. Now I know. Apparently, after he would draw a character, he had to send the drawing to New York, where someone would make corrections by drawing over it on a piece of tracing paper. They would make comments such as "Ernie's belly aint so big". What an exciting job they must have.

* * *

Our office was robbed last week. They didn't take much, only a lap-top, a brief-case, and a couple computer mice. Or so we thought!!!! Today, I realized that my expensive (2,300 yen) Sony headphones were gone!!! A year ago I spent three days deciding if I should buy them or not! Now I have to go through that again.

I found this out today, but it is not as bad as what my co-worker found out by a phone call from his wife as work ended. His house was broken into and robbed today while they were at work. So I want to hear all you people who have these dreams and fantasies of Japan as a safe place to take note.


I was robbed - by my own room mate. I think I would rather have someone break in. Although my room mate only took tuna fish. If peole broke into my house, they might have cleaned out the entire fridge.

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