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Crap and the commandments

I saw the most amazing thing this weekend. Luckily I had my camera with my so I whipped it out to capture the moment, only to find that the disk was filled with photos I had taken back in October, but never downloaded to my disk... I couldn't really erase them since they where great shots of Awii taking a shower on my clean dishes again. So I didn't get the shot that would have probably made me famous, and no one will ever believe what it was, so I won't even tell you.

I know that if anyone is reading this they are sick of seeing the birds, but your out of luck. From looking at the All the photos of the bastishnet page that I have too many nudie drawings, and I have to balance it out with other photos or I'll look like a freak.

* * *

As I mentioned above, there are some new additions to the left side navigation. You can see a page with which is now a permanent member of the left side navigation, along with All the photos of the bastishnet, which will display thumbnails of all photos that are posted since I started, All the photos of the bastishnet (minus hash), which contains thumbnails of all the photos that are NOT hash related, and All the links of the bastishnet, which is a page that lists all the links that have ever been posted on the bastish net.

There are some problems of course, the biggest of which is not that the page looks like crap. The thumbnail pages are huge and heavy if you don't have my 12 megabyte ADSL connection (which is why I offer a non-hash page as well). The link page is very quick to download, but lots of luck trying to figure out where a lot of the links go to. I guess this gives me a good idea of how "usable" my site is. In theory, all the links should have some meta information that tells where it will take you if it is not evident by the text. This information would show up when you mouse over, and is valuable to people with sight disabilities who use voice browsers. Fixing this aspect has been on my list of to-dos for a long time. Maybe one of these days...

* * *

I set up a site for my sister to use if she wants to. Let's see what happens. It looks like crap now, but some day I will have a chance to spruce it up if she actually uses it and doesn't spruce it up herself.

* * *

Did anyone know that the word "crappy" was on the list of words that we shalt not use? I entered my personal information into the MLS alumni page (for the fourth time in as many years) and it finally got posted! When I looked though, it was edited! They had erased a portion that contained the childishly harmless word "crappy". I really have no problem with that... I don't claim to know more about the Bible than they do, and unlike some people there I have never read it in the original language, so it is only natural that I would have missed the part about not using the word "crappy", but I am a little ticked that they would just edit it and not tell me. It kind of changed the whole meaning of the entry. I was under the impression that they should either not post it, or else inform me that what I wrote was unacceptable, and that I can change it, use their edited version, or not post it.

When people look at it they will think that I wrote that. They will have no idea that it was mangled without my consent.

* * *

As I was writing this post, the birds where playing around the computer and crappi... (oops, I mean shiting) on my keyboard. I heard an echoing screetch and found guri stuck in the bottom of an empty pringles can. Lucky for her I was here. There were two instances int he past, when Guri used to be free at all times, that I would come home from work and after 10 minutes of frantic searching would find her stuck in the bottom of a little bamboo tube I use to collect loose change. I have no idea how long she was in there... it could have been hours.

Anyway, I took some pictures of her in the can, and in the end wound up getting some of the best pictures of Guri ever.