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Diluting the Nudie

Today's goal is to dilute the number of nudie-drawing-photos with something else. Of course, I have found that Guri and Awii are more in demand than I am and i have requests to put more photos of them on the site. I suppose I should be jealous, but I prefer to feel "nya nya" to the people who want to see more of them... I get to see them and have them crawl and crap on me every day.

I'm sure your thinking "Those photos are staged!" or "Those are edited with photoshop to make the birds look so frikin adorable!" Guess what. They're not. These are every day scenes of the birds abusing me.


* * *

Today was the biggest snowstorm in Tokyo in the three (four?) years I've been here. Nothing spectacular, but it seems like a big deal to Tokyo people. They where really talking it up on the radio when I woke up, just like they do those terrible typhoons, but when I looked outside I only saw about 5 centimeters.

Two interesting (and one idiotic) things to note about Japanese and snow is that they always use an umbrella, as you can see in the photos, and the way many shovel. In America many die from heart attacks while shoveling. Japanese have less area to shovel, so they are probably OK in that area, but they must have quite a few back injuries. I saw three people stopped over shoveling their drive with a dustpan! Not that it really needed shoveling. I have never seen a snow in Japan (Tokyo to Fukuoka) that stayed on the street more than 4 hours.

Sure enough, by the time I got to work, the streets where clear (no plows needed) but I still saw two idiots driving around with chains on their tires. I imagine they must have made an effort to get up early and get them on and get out on the streets before the snow melted.

At the train station, the conductor was handing out hall-passes for all the office workers to give to their boss, proof that they where held up because of the snow. It's strange since the train was on time... I rode the same train I always do, and arrived at the same time I always do. In my office everyone was late. One guy even lives within walking distance of the office! One was probably excusable because she has to take a bus for a long distance and the busses actually did stop. One lady showed up an hour late, and when we asked about the trains (to find out when the other would show up) she said they where running about 15 minutes late. ???

* * *

Friday was our company bounenkai (forget about the year party). Just a few pictures from that (without their permission or knowledge). You may recognize the little girl from the photo in Guri's cage. She is the president's daughter and took care of Guri twice while I was on vacation.

* * *

I finally found time to cut my hair after three months. Sometimes it looks like crap when I get done, so this time I tried to make my self feel better by taking before and after photos so I can see how much it improved no matter how it looks. I usually cut my hair myself since even though it looks like crap, so has every haircut I have ever been able to afford in Japan. Once I paid an arm and a leg (5,000 yen) to have a real pro cut it, but I can only afford to do that once every five years. Now I do it myself, and have found that no matter how i screw it up, it always seems to grow back.