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I'm now taking orders for FREE CHRISTMAS COOKIES from my mommy in America. Please fillin the form below to place your order.

* The cookies will be delivered by the end of next week, packed into a tiny box with some candy and deoderant.
* If your order is to big to fit in one box, but not big enough to fill a second box, they will be boken into crumbles to ad packed into one box.
* BFC = Booze Filled Cookies
* An order of one-dozen or more of the following cookies (Rum-balls, Creme de Menthe, Fudge) will be melted into one gigantic blob for ease of shipping.

Cut out sugar cookies
Shortbreadbutter flavored - yellowish- squeeze out in long strip and cut into little flat bars with ridges on top.
Spritzlittle almond flavored put through cookie press - pink and green
Tea Cakesvery little round balls - vanilla flavor with nuts - rolled in powdered sugar
Cathederal slicescolored marshmallows and chocolate cut in slices - little bit of coconut on outside
Creme de Menthe [BFC]
Bitter SweetsVery little cookie with blob of cream cheese on top then chocolate on top
Peanut butter Nuggetsround white with peanut butter and chocolate mixture inside
Forgottenpink and green meringue - light and crunchy made from egg whites.
Rum Balls [BFC]
PizzaRice Krispies/chocolate/marshmallows with few red and green cherries on top, drizzled with white chocolate - cut in squares - very sweet
Springelawhite anise flavor cut in little blocks with raised people pictures on top.

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