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Happy Halloween

I was riding my bike to the video store to return a movie and thinking to myself how truly horrible I am for not having sent anyone a Christmas card on time this year. Evil man! Evil man!

It dawned on me though, as I rode and thought about what time to set my alarm for so I don't miss an early morning meeting tomorrow, that there is absolutely no (good, logical) reason why I should have to send cards exactly now. Here I am doing what I do every other day and not feeling in the bit as though today is special, or that I am missing anything... So I decided that rather than celebrating Christmas on some date picked by someone for who-knows-why, that I would celebrate it when it is convenient for me. So don't be surprised if you get Christmas cards and presents in March.

Right now I have decided to celebrate Holloween.

Sometimes I hate that I am so dang logical.

* * *

Tomoe found out today that her first tour of duty at her new job will be six months in Osaka. It's not as far as London was (only 2 hours or so by shinkansen), but I doubt that I will see her any more than I did that time. For some people, it might work to justify a monthly $200+ train trip by saying "I will save that much by not going out with her here." Unfortunately we don't go out here either. Our most expensive date usually consists of a trip to the grocery store to buy some bread and cheese, or a can of Pringles. I only see her once a week or less as it is, so the $30/date savings just wont add up.