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I Like Cherries!

Some pictures of where I spent Christmas morning this year. Before a meeting at a client in Yokohama.

* * *

I think I have the day off tommorrow. Most Japanese companies do... All out clients do... And last week the president was talking about how to get everyone's pay-check to them, since payday is Tuesday. This would seem to indicate that he understood (as everyone else believed) that the New Year holiday this year started on Friday. In these regards, I am always clueless, and the last to know that there is a holiday. I Usually find out the day before. So when the president was talking to me Friday and said something to the effect of "I think we can all go home early Tuesday... maybe 2:00" I was only a little confused... so I guess we do have work Monday and Tuesday. But then why was he talking about how to get everyone their paycheck the day before?

I went out and asked the others when the holiday started and they all said Saturday. ??? I mentioned what the president had said, and since at least one of them had made plans for the entire week, she was alarmed and decided to confront him. He came in a while later visibly perturbed, asking who planned to come in Monday. Of course no one volunteers, and he became more visible perturbed. Apparently because we all failed to put in prior notice of our national-holiday-day-off. Anyway, I am still not sure if I am supposed to go in tomorrow, but my sister is coming to visit, so I'm going to err on the side of my own leisure.

* * *

Tomoe has some new art to hang on her fridge, as I spent the whole day trying to conquer a cherry-tree while she worked on her thesis. Take a look at the paintings below, but know that the battle is not over yet. There is also a picture of the humming-bird I painted the day I bought my snazzy new acrylic paints, and a festive Christmas themed painting from a while that was supposed to depict Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus, but somehow it turned into a picture of a middle-eastern couple looking in horror at the grape-fruit the woman has just given birth too.


* * *

A while back, finding that I did not have enough time to practice as much of the drawing and sketching as I want to (I haven't been to nudie class in over a month) I decided to start sketching everyone on the train. Now, every time I can sit, and the train ride is more than three stops, I pull out my sketch book and make one more unsuspecting citizen famous.

I like to think that I am improving somehow, but looking at the drawings I can't really make that claim... yet.

They are all pretty much crap, except for the 5th (no. 28), the 11th (no. 35) 18, 19, 20th (no. 42, 43, 44), and the 21st (no. 45 - actually from a National Geographic, not the train).