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Niel and Yumiko

I almost didn't get out of work tonight, as the server suddenly was invisible to half the web just one hour before I was supposed to leave to meet a friend who was in Tokyo for the holidays, and I had no contact number for (on me at the time). I still am not sure what the problem was, but it fixed itself... I mean I took control of the situation and did some quick thinking to reprogram a new routing protocol allowing the delinquent port to redirect all queries to a new service identifier process.

Anyway, I was only 10 minutes late to meet them. I wasn't sure if I would recognize him, since i don't even know how old I was the last time we met, the one thing I really remember is climbing a mountain with his family and mine in New Mexico and seeing tons of nudie people. Every where we went we saw nudie people, men women and families. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see any of the ladies "zappers" which was my sister's word for... you know.

Anyway, I met up with Niel and Yumiko for dinner in Shinjuku, my favorite place to take people new to Tokyo. Not that there is really much outstandingly exciting, but if you look around, it is the most interesting place in Tokyo that I know of. Unfortunately it seemed to be a quiet Thursday night, with the usual crowd trying to get me into the strip club again.

Just before heading home we stumbled onto a nice little bar in Golden Gai with cheap (500 yen) frozen drinks. Unfortunately they were beers. It was still one of the nicer bars I have seen in Japan if you like a friendly fun atmosphere without the whole nampa scene.

Check out the photos.


* * *

I also have a few photos taken from the clients office Tuesday morning. Nothing special really, but for some reason I really love looking down on a big city, much more than living in it. On a related note, another apartment has opened up in Fujino, where I almost moved to before.

* * *

A few photos of Guri and Awii. I don't have good enough timing to catch Awii with her wings spread, as she usually hangs upside down spread full-eagle. She looks like some angelic statue on the side of an old building in New York, but in this picture she just looks drunk.




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