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Not much time to write.

Not much time to write. I have been working on the program in the hopes of getting it done a week earlier so we can get paid this month. One problem I have begun to notice... is that what I have been working on up until now is pretty far from what the client actually wants. I have been basing it off of what the guy who has contact with the client told me they wanted. Now that I finally get a meeting, I find what they really want. I wonder if he and I both spoke to the same person... As it turns out, they didn't even know that the system he told me they wanted could even do what he said they wanted it to do... and they could care less.

Not really a problem though, since I can still use what I have made as a strong base to start over with, but it makes me wonder what he has been selling to all the other companies he is meeting with. According to him, there is real interest in this product... but it's hard to tell now.

* * *

I have been listening to NPR as I work all day yesterday and today. I came across this interview on Fresh Air with a writer and editor of The Onion