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Parakeet Death (not Guri)

I often ask myself why God lets bad things happen to good people. Today I was relatively late at work again, catching a 10 pm train home, worrying about my babies who where in their cage with a heater blasting hot air on them. It has been so cold lately, that I thought it was worth he risk of killing them just to keep them alive. Tomoe had come by and turned the heater on two days ago while I was at work, and they survived that... there is no reason to think they could not survive it again.

Anyway, I left work at just past 10:00 getting home at 10:30, only to find that I had left my house key in the office. By the time I called, the only other person who was ther had gone home, and my office key was locked in the office with my house key.

Tomoe has a key, so I called her, but she lives 30+ minutes away. By the time I got home it was already 12:00. The birds had been in their oven for over 6 hours (I set the timer to go on when the sun went down).

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why did I forget my key? When I think of how happy the birds would have been to see me if I had gotten home only a few hours earlier...

* * *

I had hoped to get some programming done tonight, since I get very little work done at work, but somehow I'm not in the mood.

* * *

I took a look at my web access reports today. My average visits per day are almost doubles this month. This must have something to do with my site finally being picked up by Goolge. The web logs also show what search word people use to stumble across my site. Last month there were only two, "conan obrian harvard", and "single nudie women". This month has four already.

  1. "free blogging software" Tough luck for whoever that was... aint nothin' free here.

  2. "he is getting fatter" This is actually a line in my site, but I can't figure out why anyone would search for that combination...

  3. nishieifuku (that's where I live)

  4. parakeet death This one scares me a little

* * *

I generally don't like passing on the junk mail and other crap that a certain someone keeps sending me, but I liked this one. First check out this article, then check this out