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Puke & Profit

A client just signed off on one of my programs, and now I'm working like heck to get it done by the 15th so we can collect the initial large sum of money in January. I knew it was coming, for two months now, and have been trying to get it done, but I really can't go for more than an hour at a time without having to handle something else for some other client that is "urgent". If I can get that finished in less than ten minutes I don't loose much, but if it takes an hour, or worse yet, if I have to go to a meeting for three hours, I totally loose track of what I was doing and loose all train of thought.

I could have had this done in a month if there was someone to cover for me and handle some of the little things that always seem to pop up (or even help on the program), but as it is some of the people spend their time smoking and joking because even though they aren't busy, there is really no way they can cover for me (without me spending even more time coaching them). Right now there is only one other person who I would categorize as busy, and I really feel bad for him because he's the "contact" person with the clients and the sales guy. I hate to ask him to coordinate certain things with the client because he is trying to work on new sales, but the other people are all "production" (apparently) so they wont do a thing.

I don't feel too bad about the program taking so long though, I could have had it finished enough to satisfy this client, but I have been spending more time on it in the hopes that we can sell it as a package deal. If we could even sell one every four months it will be very very nice.

* * *

I spent Monday night puking. I'm not sure if it was a result of the "discount" sashimi I bought that night, or what, but it's interesting (to me at least) how I noticed that I was sick. For the past month I have been stressed about the deadline on this program, so every night I have my programming dreams where I am constantly editing the same page, and not mater how much I edit it, the bug never gets fixed. Monday night however, the "bug" was that I got sick. So every time I would push the button that I was trying to fix, I would feel sick in my dream. After while I woke up to realize I really was sick, and spent a good portion of the night after that puking.

The next day I skipped work (that was nice) and actually got more work done because I was able to do it form home without interruptions. I was a little disappointed though that I wasn't bed-ridden. It has been over two years now I think since I actually was too sick to stand for more than 10 minutes. It feels like crap at the time, but it is also an "extreme" feeling, so I was kind of hoping for it again. Plus, it's always good to be able to lay in bed all day and not feel guilty about it.

* * *

I have been watching "Gone With the Wind" every night this week before I fall asleep. What a great movie. I can't believe I have never seen it before. I'm not just saying that because it is a classic and it will make me seem all kultured 'n stuff. I actually had real doubts about it, but WOW! It really makes me want to pull out the old history books and check out what the south was really all about back then.

Last week I watched "Lawrence of Arabia" that was really great too, but it's greatness can be best judged by if it is something I would watch again just to force Tomoe to see it... Lawrence of Arabia... probably no. Gone with the Wind... as soon as her graduate thesis is done.

* * *

Because of the programming and the puking and some other business related stuff, I haven't had much time to paint, but every time I ride the train I practice by sketching some unsuspecting passenger. I was just doing it for practice, but it has become addictive. I'll post the drawings some time, but you may not find it as interesting as I do... I have never noticed so much about people. Of course my drawings are mostly biased toward the people who are sleeping or reading, since they tend to move less and there is less chance that they will notice I am staring at them, but still, it is pretty depressing what people are like on the train.