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The cookies have already been shipped, and a package arrived this morning. They are already half gone, so I hope there are more on the way.


* * *

I noticed today that it is already December twenty-something. This means Christmas will soon be here and I haven't mailed any Christmas cards yet, or even written (= signed) most. It's really not my fault though. Christmas approaching in Japan is much different than it is in America. Even though there are a lot of annoying Christmas music playing, many with an annoying Japanese accent, and one rendition of Silent night that is simply "La la la la.... la la la la.... la la la.... la la la..." la'ed to the Silent Night melody.

As I was saying, despite the meaningless annoying Christmas music, I still don't feel any of the pressure of the upcoming Holiday season. For one thing, I will spend my Christmas day at work. Another reason, (an one I like very much) is that I feel no pressure to buy gifts for anyone. I think everyone is already tired of receiving a "care-package" of strange Japanese goodies like fish-egg spaghetti-sauce and packaged dog genitals. Anyway, it is one custom that I would not really miss if it disappeared altogether... until I have kids of course, as I will be anxious to fill their stockings with Spinach and Asparagus.

This year I didn't have to give anyone a list of what I wanted... It always seems strange since if it was something I can't get myself, I really don't want to ask anyone else to get it for me, and if I can get it myself and haven't (usually because I am too cheap) I have to wonder how much I really want it.

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As always, by popular demand...



Japanese people have difficult to speak 'L' sound. My thinking is song sings like 'da da da da'.

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