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Yamanashi by Bike -Day 1

I finally have a chance to give a little narrative about my trip. It's more for myself, so I don't forget, but you're welcome to read too. I'll be peppering it with photos and links to photos. Unfortunately, I already used up the best shots from the trip in my teaser posts.

So here goes...

Day I.

We woke up early Wednesday and each rode our bikes to Meidai-mae where we dis-assembled them moblog much to the chagrin of the angry "no-bike-parking here!" man. A little over an hour later we were in Ootsuki city map moblog, in Yamanashi-ken. I'll skip over the boring parts like when my bike fell apart as soon as I started riding it, and we had to spend another hour or so hanging out in front of the hardware shop trying on different size bolts before I finally got it patched up and we hit the road for our amazing journey.

We followed the JR Chuo line as far as Hatsukari map moblog, where we decided to take the long scenic route over a couple mountain passes instead of following the busy highway to Sasagomap, where we planned to stay the night. Besides, if we had taken the highway, we would have arrived less than three hours after starting the trip.

The pass took us over Tsurugatoriya-yama map moblog 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, where we got a good look at Mt. Fuji, and some other nice mountains.

We made it down to Sasago map by nightfall only to find that the bath house we saw on the map had gone out of business, and the nearest grocery store was back in Hatsukari map (where we had come from a couple hours earlier) Granted we could have taken the highway to Hatsukari in about twenty minutes, but we would have lost all sense of accomplishment for riding over the mountain.

Hungry, sweaty, tired and dejected, we happened upon a dingy little roadside diner, where it looked like we could get a cheap bowl of rice moblog. As luck would have it (and often does when we travel) the only other customer in the diner was a construction worker who was living in the now defunct bathhouse / inn. It had in fact been turned into a dormitory for the companies workers and truck drivers. He made a few calls and before you know it we were relaxing in a nice tatami room after a great hot bath moblog.

He didn't have the authority to let us stay in the old inn for free, but let us set up our tent in the back, away from the busy road. Day one was a complete and utter success!

Day II.

Awaking in Sasago map moblog 1 2 after a great dinner, bath and sleep the night before, we wasted no time getting everything packed up and hitting the road.

Today we head over Sasago-toge map moblog 1 , 2to grape and wine country, Katsunuma map.

We arrived in Katsunuma early afternoon, but my finger is cramping up now, so I'll have to continue this tale later. For now, you can check out these photos.

Ootuski to Hatsukari I
Ootuski to Hatsukari II
From Tsurugatoriya-yama I
From Tsurugatoriya-yama II
Night in Sasago I
Morning in Sasago II
Over the Sasago Pass I
Over the Sasago Pass II


Don't write anymore, your'e making me want another holiday ;o)

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