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Thanks to people who

Thanks to people who sent me their ideas of what I should put in the photo exhibit. It's really interesting to see what other people thought was the best. In many cases, they were photos that I almost didn't even put on the site because I didn't particularly care for them, such as this. Likewise, some of the photos that I thought were my best didn't even get mentioned by anyone.

I still haven't decided all the photos I will show. I guess it depends on how good the prints look. I had a real scare when I went to the local print shop and had some of my photos printed in small size, just to see how they look. They were total crap. I know the Lumix only has 2 megapixles, but I thought that at least that small size should look ok. I began to worry if I would even have anything to show, but a trip to Yodobashi camera today gave me some comfort. I made some even larger prints of a few and they looked much better. I guess I shouldn't expect much from the local shop where I had to go in back, take control of the mouse, and actually show the guy how to resize the photo so it would all fit on the paper.


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as a professional artist, my own experience is this:
there's no accounting for taste. people like what they like, for reasons that will sometimes baffle.

all your pics are good. but rather than select what might interesting to the public (ie. guessing their/our preferences) perhaps approach this from a different direction. a slightly narrower theme, or visual homogenity in style (all doors and windows, for example).

I'm sure whatever you do, it will be the right decision. Good luck!

Kevin, could you please send me a title for your exhibition.

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