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I am currently on vacation. Tomoe and I are riding our bikes around Shikoku so I am taking the opportunity to use Mfop2 to post photos of the journey from my mobile phone.


You buggers!,

How dare you just up and leave for Shikoku like that!

Shikoku is mine!! But we can share, hell, we've shared Inokashira Koen!

Wakai station, now there's a treat for you....('tween Kochi and Nakamura); though cycle compared to diesel and 'lectric is an unfair comparison.

Central London, several E's and hangover beckon; I doubt you'll post a live commentary until you get back to a keyboard, but I tell you what I associate Shikoku with instantly: Kodama...(as in Mononoke) click, click, click.....

Other than that swaz like this;
Kochi: Surfing, side-swiped pony tails (girls only), california (had I ever been there)
Nakamura: Forest Spirits - Kodama Central
Uwajima: ..... OLD.....decrepit...back pain, plenty of rain. No space for bull-fighting
Matsuyama: Cosmopolitan (compared to the rest) Way cosmo actually, coolest place...
Takamatsu: Industrial...grinding
Tokushima: Touristicish, Peaceful, Bladerunner. Don't miss the free boat ride...

Okayama: Whoops, your 2 week vacation is almost over, time 2 head back to the office....

One Love, Jah guide and protect,
We maybe soliciting a visitation in July,

Peace Kev,
Rasta xx

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