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Shikoku Day 3 (II)

Close hung out to dry. - Farm house on Kawauchi mountainside, Shikoku. Rice waiting to be planted - Farm on Kawauchi mountainside, Shikoku. Rice paddies - Kawauchi mountainside, Shikoku. Rice paddies - Kawauchi mountainside, Shikoku. Flowers - Kawauchi mountainside, Shikoku. A tent down by the river - Matsuyama, Shikoku.

Just a few more photos of Day 3 which I just found in the Day 4 folder...


Wow, the 2nd last photo (orange flower) is amazing. I usually don't care much for flowers but this one really stands out. It has a DOF I've rarely witnessed in your photos.

wait, did I miss something? did you buy a new camera? say the NIKON D70 by any chance?

Well, I wasn't going to mention anything, I wanted to see if anyone commented on a noticable difference in the photos. Although this trip isn't the best place to test it out since I mostly took landscapes, which I rarely do here in Tokyo.

Overall I'm not as happy with what comes out of it, but I think that is more because I am really used to the Lumix and know how to make it do what I want, but haven't quite become intimate with the D70 yet. Also, I have been making it a rule to do everything manually when I have time... unless it's a fleeting moment shot, I leave it on automatic.

Love the photos.

Hope you don't mind but I've added you to the Best Japan Blog in Best Blogs in Asia site at http://www.misohoni.com/awards.php

where in Shikoku is this exactly?

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