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Shikoku Day 5

I haven't found time to write a daily commentary for the remaining days of my trip, and it's quite old and faded from my memory anyway. Plus, I was pretty sick, so nothing really hapened other than climbing a bunch of steps, getting sicker, and coming home.

Maybe I'll go into detail later, but for now, just look at the photos (as I got sicker, I took less photos, and lost my motivation to look for good shots...)


I think these are a couple of your best photos. I love the color and light in the market photos. The overhead shot of the village is beautiful. It has great texture and pattern. And lastly, the over the shoulder shot is just simple and beautiful. All and all, a really nice series.

Thanks Dave,

Comments like that make me think I didn't make a big mistake to buy the new camera, to which I will give some of the credit.

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