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Shikoku Last Day (6)

As you can see by the photos in yesterday's post, Day 6 was rainy.

We had to be in Takamatsu in the afternoon to catch a ferry to Kobe. From there we would ride the Shinkansen back home to Tokyo. Along the way, I hoped to stop by at the apartment of a friend who lives in the nearby Marugame. Only thing is, we didn't expect to make it here, and I didn't have her contact info on me. No problem, I thought. I know what their apartment looks like, and since it is one of the few tall buildings in the area, I'll just ride toward it and knock on their door.

As we got closer however, I realized that the development company who made their apartment complex must have gone on a building spree. We stopped at four buildings that look just like hers, but just weren't. The rain was getting harder, and my stomach was asking me to stop. And stop we did, at a spa to take our last hot bath of the trip before packing up the bikes and heading to Takamatsu.

From there the trip is totally uneventful. We sat in Takamastu for a while waiting for the ferry. We were lucky enough to be at the shuttle-bus stop when the only bus to the ferry came and left 5 minutes ahead of schedule. If we had been on-time, we would never have known that the bus had left already, and I think we would still be waiting there.

The ferry from Kobe is an overnighter where everyone just sleeps on mats spread out over the floor. I usually sleep well when I am surrounded by hundreds of strangers and my camera, wallet, and tent are just lying there on the ground next to me, but somehow, this time I didn't get much rest.

Thinking back, I would have loved for the trip to last another week, but somehow the rain and stomach ache had me ready to get home where Awii and Klee were anxiously awaiting a chance to spread their wings, having been locked up the entire time. Although James from consumptive came by sometimes to feed them as he was walking his dog, his dog wanted to eat them, so they didn't get much air time then.

The end.


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Really enjoyed traveling along via your great pictures. Thanks for posting them. Looking forward to seeing Sweden!

The picture of the mosquito is very impressive and your pictures are very, very beautiful! But I guess you know that already. :-))

Looking forward to pictures from Sweden. And if you have any books that you would like to sell, please let me know. I am an omnivorous reader. :-))

Wow! I'm only an herbavorious reader... I will post the list soon (maybe)

Freecia, thanks. with the new camera, and new suroundings, I suppose there will be way too many photos from Sweden. I have been looking around for other photos of the area I will be living and only found a few on the web. (too lazy to post links now) It looks amazing, and I am actually more excited about getting there with my camera than I am about getting there to study... maybe that is telling me something.

Darrr! I just want to ask a question but am too lazy to check back. I hope you can email the answer to my addy.

You've probably heard of the Shikoku pillgramage (ie: walking around Shikoku for about 60 days). Would you say finding onsens to bathe in is a common thing? Every day perhaps? How much were they? Cheers!


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