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CIA and Sustainability

update: The connection between our photo and American Gothic was brought to my attention by Mandy

So today I discovered Alias (yes, I'm a little slow). I have watched two episodes so far, and despite Jenipher's revelation that she never dies, there is still suspense... who knows when she will get naked?

Anyway, the question that I had was regarding the CIA, and their alternative energy policy. They must have a back-up plan that will keep them running on solar/wind/whatever is renewable in the event that terrorists or what-not prevent the US from getting their latest oil fix.

Jenyfer has decided that Karl Henrik Robert, the guy behind The Natural Step, and the program we are studying in, has actually worked with them at length, but has signed a non-disclosure agreement.

It makes me a little mad that he would keep this a secret from us for so long.


You mean... Alias?

What a great picture! It reminds me of another famous couple - you know the painting, "Amercian Gothic" by Grant Wood. I would say you and Tomoe look a scoshe happier.


I can see it now; your great grandson will have this one hanging over is solar space heater and tell his kids great stories of you using this picture as a backdrop.

Wooops! wrong link. I was multi-tasking...

American Gothic

See if this works... again, multi-tasking!

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