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Huggy me

I really hate that people smoke in bars when others are trying to enjoy themselves. In one of my rare visits to the bar tonight (rare because of smoke, but also because most bars are just too loud), it was karaoke night. Every Thursday night is karaoke night, and it has been a class tradition to go every week (without me). Despite my weakened voice from screaming conversations over all the noise, and smoke irritated vocal cords, I managed to belt out an old favorite from my grade-school days. I was discouraged to find that I had forgotten the words... after only fifteen years!

The song, "Keep you hands to yourself", was un-dedicated to my thesis partners. I say un-dedicated because I In the beginning of the project, we shared our individual goals... what we hoped to get out of the whole sha-bang. One of mine was to become more "huggy".

Mostly this was because people had some image of me being a cold, un-emotional, un-caring robot-like character. In my opinion, it's just that our class hugs waaaaaaayyyyy too much. I can't keep up. Especially considering that I have only even hugged my parents and other family members fewer times in my whole life than people this year have expected a hug from me. It's crazy really. Here, any time someone will be away for the weekend, there is a hugfest. Whenever someone comes back from a long lunch break a round of hugs ensues.

Anyway, we have been pretty good at having group hugs to end our thesis meetings. the thing is, I can't say I feel any more comfortable with the whole hugging situation of the class. After all, it was never a physical aversion, which a little practice would probably help cure, it's not a matter of me not liking to hug, simply a matter of not understanding how the situation necessitates one. Simply practicing "hugging" tells me nothing about why the hell people feel a need to hug at least once every five time they meet.

I'm all about peace and love and what-not, but for some reason I'm just never in a position where it is called for. Maybe I have to have a little more trauma in my life.

* * *

Tomorrow some of us take a field trip to a nearby town, along with the spacial planning department, to study their urban planning. I had been planning to go for a while now, but the timing couldn't have been better. Recently I have been thinking about "leadership" for an essay I am supposed to write. My thoughts have turned to bottom-up leading... the best results for the whole emerging from smaller interactions between the parts. It seems that this would be very relevant to urban planning. I can't wait to see if it comes up.


Man I wouldnt last 5 min in that kind of environment. You should teach them how to shake hands, might take some pressure off all the hugging.

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