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I almost shaved my head

So, I was cutting my hair today with my favorite clippers. It has been a few months since it was last cut, so it was quite long. I had finished about two thirds of it, so there were very short places, with random patches of long hair srouting out in various directions. Then I dropped the clippers on the floor and it broke into pieces.

For about forty five minutes, as I struggled to put them back together, I was afraid that I would have to walk downtown to the barber tomorrow with my hair like that and pay thirty bucks to have them finish clipping it. Either that, or try something I have always wondered about... shaving my head bald with a razor.

Fortunatly, (or unfortunatly if you wanted to see me shaved bald) I was finally able to get the clippers back together, and all is well.

The photos are from Niagra falls in December. You can see by the look on Tomoe's face how romantic it was.