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my "I kinda think I might be close to believing" manifesto

Wow, so I started writing my post for tonight over an hour ago. It was supposed to be a quick one, but it just keeps going and going. I guess I should have realized it would take some time after I had finished the first few paragraphs:

Some people make manifestos and "this I believe" statements. I, however, believe most firmly in flip-flopping. Ask my thesis partners. One day I argue passionately for one thing until it is accepted, and the next, after having had time to digest their arguments, I suggest we drop it.

I realize that my flexibility and open-mindedness may make it hard for people to know what I "stand for". Sometimes, it may even lead to misunderstanding where people think I have flip-flopped on an issue which I have not. Case in point, a while back I wrote that I had finally "bought in" to what this class was trying to teach us. While I meant what I wrote, I realized yesterday, when some readers (who also happen to be classmates) reacted, that I expressed it poorly, in a way that made it sound as if I suddenly flip-flopped and was now singing the praises of the program.

The point of this post, is to make it a bit clearer as to where I have been flopping to recently. I will offer some of my recent "seeds of belief", which have yet to sprout into unquestionable faith. These are ideas I am leaning toward. As such, I try to spend half of my study and contemplation time taking the idea deeper, and the other half trying to dis-prove it.

Of course, I can't list everything I kinda-think-I-might-be-close-to-believing. Nor, do I have room enough to list all the things I am pretty sure I don't believe. I will however list some of the ideas that have been on my mind the most in these past weeks, and months.

So I suspect I will need a little more time to really get my thoughts down. But my "I kinda think I might be close to believing" manifesto is coming soon to a bastish.net near you.

The photos today, and those from yesterday, are from my trip to Connecticut to visit Tomoe over the holidays.


"i took my kayak to" on Google led me to your site a couple of days ago. I just finished catching up on the last three years. It was fun going through that long of a span so quickly, watching the art progress, the photography progress, and the writing evolve as the interests did. Anyway, just wanted to say "hi, enjoyed your site". Photos are very, very good. Delane from Mayberry. (you may enjoy Johanna Wandel's site http://johanna.wandel.ca/ and her ongoing observations of the organic farm she lives on http://greenfieldsfarm.ca/news/ )

Welcome Delane. It amazes me that anoyone would be read three years of my life without suffering any kind of psycohological damage.

I checked out your site and I will definitly be back when I a few more hours too check out your site, especially those kakyaking photos.

hi, i am waluyohadi, indonesian. now i am in tokyo kogyo daigaku, japan. i got your site from google. i entered "kimono" keyword and found your site. so wonderful pictures. anyway, i like art, design and photography so could you please give me suggestion about digital photography? i am beginner in digital photography. or what kind of camera do you use? filter? lenses? etc? thanks alot


Wow, google seems to be my friend recently -two random visitors from google in one day.

The camera I use most often now is the Nikon D70. I have two bottom of the line lenses, one with quite a wide angle, and one with a nice zoom. (I have lent them out to a friend this week and I don't remember the specifics).

before I got the D70 I used a Panasonic Lumix which I really loved and recomend to anyone looking for a nice point and shoot.

As you are in Tokyo, you may want to join the Japanphotgraphers mailing list.

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