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My Situation

The thing that scares me the most is that she thinks she would be the best dictator of the world...

My situation reminds me of a movie I saw where a man was transported back in time where he met hitler as a boy. He had, of course, a choice to make.

Can you imagine having the author of this excerpt as the world dictator? (as you read it, imagine a sorority/GAP girl... like the old Saturday Night Live GAP skits.)

3. I have been like, up to my ears in thesis interviews. Ohmygod! Each one takes like, at least 2 hours of preparation (and that's like, after I've carefully negotiated an interview time where both of us will be like, available?), plus the time it takes to like, have the interview, write up the summary, and like, email it off for approval? Hello-oh! Thankfully, I've like, got it down to a science, and it now runs quite smoothly.

Note: I added the "like"s, the "Hello-oh", "Ohmygod!" for effect

Well, maybe she wouldn't be such a bad dictator. Maybe I'm just upset because she, of all my readers, should know the tone with which I am writing. We speak in person so often, and I have never, to my knowledge, used a whinny, depressed, woe-is-me voice. Yet, as she was quoting my blog to me tonight, she used the tone of voice of someone about to hang himself. (to make it even more confusing, she has a photographic memory... yet somehow forgot how I sound when I talk)

It's one thing that shes hears such a voice in her head as she reads my blog, but what really scares me is the fact that most of my readers have never spoken to me in person. They have no idea what tone I am using as I write.

I just want all my readers to know, that when you read what I write, although it may be a little depressing, or it may sound like I am in a deep depression, were I to read it out loud, it is more likely to have a cynical/sarcastic voice. That is not to say that what I write is always sarcasm, it's often in good humor, despite the content, but it should always be taken with a grain of salt. I am, after all, just trying on ideas. I am seeing how well they resonate with me. It often is what I believe at the moment, but probably not with such a heavy voice as it appears.

And, I should point out that Jennifer does not sound like a GAP girl. Sometimes she actually sounds a little intelligent.


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