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Summer Plans

My plans for the summer have become a little more solidified. I will be moving to the nature reserve in the photos above for the months of June and July. I had originally planned to kayak north from here as far as possible in July, but after taking a closer look at the region I am in (and some advice from a Swedish friend) I have decided to be a little more strategic with my kayaking. Instead of just following the coast north, I will probably make use of the portability of my folding kayak. I guess I will take a few smaller trips in various locations. Maybe take the train up to Stockholm and kayak in the archipelago there for a week, then across to the west coast, near Gothenburg for a week, and then into the fjords of Norway for a week. The rest of the time I will be paddling here in Karlskrona.

Or, maybe I will just stay and work on the nature reserve (the photos above are from winter. It is AMAZING now that spring is creeping in.)