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Kotsu kotsu katsu kotsu kotsu katsu

Face One

The question at a workshop we facilitated today was something to the extent of "What can [the participants] do to proactively manage the [previously raised] sustainability issues?". There were a lot of great answers, great ideas for more education plans, dematerialization, etc... I was sitting at the end of the row, and not being a member of, or expert in, the industry the workshop focused on, I guessed that anything I can think of has already been thought by the participants. My mind drifted to wondering what I could do, as a member of my own industry -the Kevin industry.

A lot of big plans comes to mind. Floaty, idealistic, "wouldn't it be great if" type of things. And I realized that that is always what happens. There are always lots of great ideas. Lots of great "We could/should do this" ideas. But somehow, for me at least, it always stops at the idea stage.

So my answer, when I got to the white board, at the risk of offending a room-full of clients, was that what we can do to proactively manage the [previously raised] sustainability issues, is:

Break all of these previously mentioned, great, large-scale project/ideas down into a list of first-step to-do items that are "something that I can do tomorrow in ten minutes"... and then do it.

If the idea was "create an employee education program", that's great. I agree. But it's so dang big, and safe, because no one can be expected to do it tomorrow, and there are always reasons why it can't be done. But what can we do tomorrow to get that going? Even if we don't know, the to-do list already has one item -make a phone-call to a friend who might know and set up a meeting to discuss what is needed. That takes less that ten minutes, and it is more progress that most of my initiatives ever see.

I know, I know. It's too obvious to even mention. But I guess it needs to be mentioned more. I need to remind myself a lot more.

Break it down. One step at a time. Kotsu kotsu katsu kotsu kotsu katsu.

* * *

One of those initiatives, or "personal projects" I fear for, is my recently conceived of 5000 faces idea. The idea was basically to make an impossible goal, such as take 5000 portraits in one year, with the main goal being to "get over" my reluctance to approach strangers on the street and ask them to let me take their photo.

After discussing it with a friend, the ideas has changed slightly, in that I don't actually even try for 5000 faces, but I keep the web-site and a stack of name cards I had printed, because it seems more "official", and it gives me a little more confidence and maybe credibility when I ask people on the street. I generally say "I'm a photography student doing a homework project" -technically not a lie, as I am all of that, but I never mention that I don't attend any school. It's probably just imagined, but I assume that they consider me "safe", and not just some freak on the street taking their photo.

So far I have only asked four people on the street, and the photos suck (but it's a learning process).

The photo above is part of the project, but she is not someone I met on the street. Maybe the reason it turned out better than the others (which you will never see) was that I was much more comfortable taking her photo.


Maybe the reason it turned out better than the others (which we will never see) was that she was much more comfortable having her photo taken.

That photo totally doesn't suck either.

And I'm glad to see the blue bird gone, which makes me feel... vindicated.

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That sounds like a challenge. You want me to bring him back, huh?

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