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February 25, 2006



Moments after I took this he attacked the two women, but my memory card was filled with photos of Tomoe and the birds that I was reluctant to erase.

February 21, 2006

An Interesting Twist of Fate

ba-chyan color ba-chyan

My job has me working on one really nifty project I've dreamed about for about two years now , one project that is "regular" but I enjoy, and one that is way over-due but just wont seem to go away (and to make matters worse, it's mostly my fault).

In an interesting twist of fate, it looks like Tomoe will be coming to work at the same company I just renewed my contract for. It might be a good thing that I worked it out that I am allowed to work from home where possible. The strangest part will probably be speaking to her in Japanese while at the office. For the past seven years about the only time we speak Japanese to each other is when we are at her parents house -which aint often.

February 11, 2006

Pet Shop


More from the pet shop down the street. (All the recent lizards and frogs are from the shop -the cockatiel yesterday live with me)


February 09, 2006

May the sustainability gods have mercy on me


Oh-so "dang-it!" it is.

Just when I renew my contract (and oh-how-happy I am about it -for real), I get the news that the Visit Japan Campaign Headquarters is looking for 15 gaijin (that's Japanese for "foreign bastish"), who can speak Japanese, to partake in their little project where they rent a "love wagon" and drive around Japan for a month -for free.

I guess I have to work up a proposal for my client to show how I can combine the trip with promoting sustainability and the company -at no cost- via the VJC site, my blog, and my photos...

I've always wanted to be on a reality show, because my life is so... unreal.

* * *

In other news, I have committed a terrible sin against the sustainability gods. While last weekend I was very proud of myself for not only saving money, but also saving the earth by buying a used lens and light-meter, just today I finally reached my limit in terms of trying to find a used bike to replace my stolen (a few months ago) bike. Money-wise it costs more for sure, but I decided the opportunity costs of not having a bike make up for any more diddle-daddle in trying to find a used one that might be a bit cheaper. Sustainability-wise, there is no excuse.

What did I learn? Either there is no good used-bike selling network in Tokyo or, if there is, they are terrible at promoting it. I wasn't able to find anything helpful on the web or asking around at bike shops.

There must be a market! Somebody, please jump on this!

Now that I have confessed my sins, I feel better, and I can express how psyched I am not only about the really nice bike I have, but also that I don't have to waste time thinking about not having a bike or looking for a used on anymore!

... Although, the "sustainability-gods" don't really let you off the hook with a simple confession like some other gods I know.

February 07, 2006

Too... busy


Too... busy... to... post...

Well, maybe not really, but my to-do list does include some things that should get done before posting to the blog, and if they don't get done, but the people involved notice I am blogging, there will be hell to pay.


I have renewed my contract with the company I was working for before. This time I am working on some web-related stuff... just when I think I am out, they keep pulling me back in.

I spent some big money on a new used lens for my camera. I have been giddy since Saturday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the lens. I can't believe I lived so long without out it.

Not much else to report I guess.