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Less bad news, more good.


My brain tumor seems to be subsiding, and I am learning how to use a computer without a keyboard (only mouse). It is actually a little easier than you would expect. There is a little keyboard viewer app which allows me to click on the letter I want to type, and if I need an upper-case letter (because I can't click on the shift key and a letter key at the same time, and Caps-lock doesn't work) I have to find that letter in some other file, copy it, and paste it into wherever I want to type it.

Don't worry though, I am not typing this on the broken keyboard...

In other news, I just got back from an Environmental Science course at a University here in Tokyo. I have been asked to give a little lecture Friday and since I have so much time on my hands, I thought I would see what the class is like today. I can't wait to give the talk - talking in front of people scares the crap out of me, but that is exactly why I love it... what a rush.

Anyway, there is also talk of me getting some part time work as instructor there in the fall. That would be su-well.

In other other news... no other news. (I have lots to tell about the bike trip, but I am trying to put it into coherent chunks.)


you? lecturing? wow!! good for you! slowly making your way to the front to lead the flock eh?

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