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Nifty Tricks

I thought this was a nifty trick.

  1. Stare at the gray dot in the middle of the image for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Move your mouse over the image and stare for 5-10 more seconds.
  3. Move your eyes a bit, or focus on another point in the image.

NOTE: May not work in your RSS reader. IF that is the case, don't get all b****y like some readers

Try it out before it becomes as ubiquitous as those miniature city-scape photos (unless it already is and I just haven't noticed it yet.) You can see a tutorial about how to do this at JohnSadowski.com

* * *

Big thanks to everyone who congratulated me on the completion of all the hard work it took to convince Tomoe to marry me (it took eight years!), and congratulated her in building up the courage. We thought about maybe going out to dinner or something last night to celebrate, but Tomoe had to work late (and got in trouble for coming into work late). We decided it is probably better just to wait until the weekend - figuring that the exact day is not so important. Likewise, we have decided that our anniversary is not "June 19". Rather, it is "June". So any time in June is acceptable to celebrate - even if we miss the exact day.

Special thanks to Chucky for the home brewed stout. It has been so long since I have enjoyed real beer - you know, the kind with actual flavor!

* * *

In the last news, I was invited to give a second lecture today, but unfortunately I was not able to get it done in time. I decided to just "wing" it with what I had, but I left a little too late and got really held up at Kinkos making copies of the handout, so I missed the whole thing.

It teaches me that I should have a few presentations in my back pocket "just in case" someone wants to hear me talk.


It already is as ubiquitous as you fear if I'm reading it here.

I saw this on Friday at http://www.ebaumsworld.com/castle-illusion.html

OK, its a castle, but hey.

Another example of our six degrees of separation that link us all together....

Check the Oracle of Bacon in google and marvel at that too.

All the best!

Hell, congrats about your joining dude..

Harumph. This illusion does NOT work when viewed from my RSS reader. I must have tried it for 10 minutes before actually opening it in another window. And then, when I realized what it actually was...very irritating.

when I realized what it actually was...very irritating.

You obviously don't share my facination with the complexity and wonders of the workings of the wonderous body of the most advanced primate - the human.

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