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Nothing to worry about

Japan Villiage

So, on the trip I lost the feeling in my pinky and ring-finger. I attributed it to the way I was holding the handle-bars or something, but after a day of not riding it does not feel any better. Anyone (mom) who watches' those scare-news-shows like 20/20 and Nightline that has heard about a killer disease that starts with the loss of feeling in your pinky and middle finger?

At first I thought it might have something to do with the tick I found sucking my blood a few days ago - I pulled him off in the morning and later in the afternoon I saw what I thought might have been the "Lyme ring". By the time I got to a hospital a few days later though, it was gone. The doctor was clueless and told me "Don't worry, in Japanese people Lyme disease only causes the rash, but none of the other side effects such as muscle and joint pain". Perhaps he did not notice that I was not Japanese.

Anyway, I got some antibiotics for the Lyme disease "just in case", but am pretty sure it is not related to the numbness in my fingers. It sounds awfully fast for symptoms to show up...

Doing some web searching about the numbness, I have determined that it is either a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome, TOS, MS, or a brain tumor. So nothing really to worry about there.

In other news, my iBook which shipped with a defective screen and scotch-taped inner components is finally unusable. In an unexpected twist however, this time is was my fault - well, Klee's fault really. She dumped a glass of water on the keyboard and now it does funny things. I had hoped it would dry and be OK, but so far no-good.


Ooh, I once lost feeling in my pinky finger for three whole days after a long bike ride (in Sweden--don't you remember me freaking out about it?). Anyway, the feeling just sort of came back after the third night. So hold off on the brain tumor speculation for now. And next time, change your grip on the handlebars.

Hi Kevin. I replied to your comment on my blog about going hiking, but you must not have seen it. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that it would be great to give hiking a go. Or even some bicycle touring (which I've done a lot of).

The problem you are having with your hands is due to the lower part of your palm pressing too long against the handlebar, especially in one position. Do you have a mountain bkie style flat bar or drop bars like on touring bikes? If you have the flat bars I'd recommend extension bars so that you can put your hands into different positions. I also recommend you get cycling gloves with cushioning (some people like to use the sorbothane gel type, though they are too "squishy" for me), both to protect the nerves in your hands and to protect your hands should you fall and have to stop yourself on the ground. The feeling in your fingers will take a while to return.

I just did a 3 day bike ride, also lost feeling in some fingers. It is caused by too much pressure on your palms during cycling. My recommendations are either get front shocks, better padded gloves or my preference is get special ergonomic comfort hand grips and work like mini shock absorbers for your palms.

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