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People, PLEASE!

Let me just recap: Mr. Bastish's web server has been hacked. It is apparently sending people spoof emails asking them to submit bank account information. This is bad. Many of you have commented and I am aware of the problem.

Here's the issue: I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

As the lowly guest blogger, I don't have Mr. Bastish's server information (no contact email, no telephone number to call, no access to his control panel, NOTHING). I can neither alert the service provider to this problem nor remove the offending link. I can't even contact Mr. Bastish himself and ask him how to proceed, since he's incommunicado, living off the land and probably practicing how to kill a boar in the jungle. I am, in a word, impotent.

So, people, THANK YOU for your diligence in alerting me to the problem. But PLEASE STOP. Unless of course, you can tell me exactly how to proceed to resolve this issue in a way that doesn't require me to know any of the aforementioned pieces of information that I clearly don't know.

It has been suggested that the blog may be blocked, and so if we suddenly go blank you'll know what happened. If that happens, Mr. Bastish is expected back in late August and you can complain directly to him about my poor guest blogging skills.

In the meantime, let's focus on happier things, like pointing out that a search on this blog for the word nude will bring you a whole series of entries where Mr. Bastish wrestles with the challenges of drawing naked old men, gets frustrated with ripped young lady models, practices his nude drawing skills at home with the help of porn, and calls it "ladies night" when he posts pictures of naked women on his blog. Enjoy.

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