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Alex & Devon

I sooo want to relate some of the increadible experience I had this summer on an OutwardBound course for outdoor educator wannabes. I really struggled with the decision to go in the first place - it was a lot of money, especially if you include the gear I had to buy and the airplane ticket. Although in the end I would do it again in a second. In fact, I am considering a (cheaper and shorter) course here in Japan for the winter season as well). It was completely worth it.

Alas, writing about the experience will take me some time, and that is time that I had aloted to work on the Big Dream and study Japanese today.

So until I find the time to collect my thoughts (hopefully I don't forget those thoughts), I will leave you with some more photos from the trip.

These photos were taken with Tomoe's old Cannon point and shoot film camera that tended to focus on the background all the time instead of the people in the foreground I was trying to take a photo of. I know nothing about film, so I just bought a variety of the cheapest film of various ISO that I could find in a Seattle drug-store the day before I left for the wilderness. I have been spending a lot of time these past few days scanning them (with MANY big thanks to Gen for lending me his film scanner). I had no idea it tool so long to scan the photos in. I figure it would be a twenty minute job! On top of that, I had no idea that touching up scanned images took so much work. I am probably using the scanner wrong or something, but mine all turn out dusty and full of grain and strange lines, etc...

Alex at Devil's Pass


Kevin- check out the Digital GEM software from Nikon-


That'll do most of the job for you.

I did a NOLS Sememster in college when I wanted to be an outdoor educator. I chose a different path for various reasons.

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