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I lied (again)

December Hike (Futamatao - Sagamiko)

So I lied (again). We were supposed to leave for the great outdoors today (and it was beautiful day! You could even see Fuji from Tokyo - although I tend to prefer some fog and mist when hiking) Unfortunately there were, yet again, complications and we decided that since we postponed it this long, what's another day? So we will leave for sure tomorrow. I am 99% sure.

Thinking we would be gone, I had nothing planned for today, so it gave me time to play with Google Earth and plot this weeks course. We are headed out to Okutama yet again, but this time we are hiking the southern area. Leaving from Futamatao station, hiking all day up to Gozenyama emergency hut. There should be glorious views of Fuji.

Day two will be a "creativity" day. There are not that many free huts in the southern part of Okutama, so our accommodations for night two are only four or five hours away at the Santo-san emergency hut. This will give us a lot of time to take photos, paint pictures, and dream about nature stuff.

Day three will be a good 9+ hours as we walk down to Sagamiko station on the Chyuo line. Unfortunately there are no onsen or baths in the area (as far as we can tell from the map) so we will have to wait until we get back to Nakano to visit the local sento bath with is only a five minute walk from our apartment - yet we have never been there.

It's all tanoshimi (that giddy feeling you get when anticipating something fun).

The photo above is a 3D close up of the route. The big nipple is Mt. Fuji (which I shall henceforth refer to as "the nipple of Japan"). The image below gives a broader perspective as to where we are hiking in Japan. We live pretty close to the Tokyo dot. It takes about 1.75 hours and 800 yen ($8) to get to thetrail-head by train.

December Hike Overview (Futamatao - Sagamiko)


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