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What Gaijin Eat: Home-made Teuchi Udon

Handmade Udon

It's been a while since I last wrote about what Gaijin Eat and I have a large backlog of photos and stories. Just so you know I haven't forgotten about that little blog mini-series, I spent Christmas Eve writing about Tomoe's home-made teuchi udon.

Teuchi means hand-made and I added the "home-made" to the title of this post in order to differentiate between the teuchi udon that can be eaten in udon shops all across Japan or purchased at the supermarket.

There is nothing especially macrobiotic about this, and no story about history or how it helps to make your bowels longer or anything else so fun - but this is the first time Tomoe has attempted to make her own noodles, so that is what makes it special.

Handmade UdonHandmade UdonHandmade Udon

Some other special points to note:

Very local flour: Not just domestic the flour was grown and processed right here in the greater Tokyo area, reducing food millage . It is a variety that grows in milder temperature, not the "domestic" flour from Hokkaido and northern Honshu where a much more "normal" type ofwheat is grown more easily in cold weather.

Wheat bran from the same wheat as the above mentioned flour.

Natural sea salts: Not the refined table-salt people usually think of (which is almost pure sodium chloride and is collected from sweaty gym socks and other work-out clothing). The sea-salts we use do not contain theanti-caking agents to keep the crystals separate, or other additives to keep it a pretty white color. The salt is not iodized (a process by which iodine is added to preventdiseases caused by iodine deficiency ) but we figure we get more than enough iodine from our abundant use of seaweed in daily cooking (seaweed contains a lot of iodine). Of course, I worry that perhaps we have too much seaweed sometimes, which apparently could make my eyeballs stick out!

Handmade Udon

This udon was eaten in Typically Tomoe Miso Soup broth with lots of fresh, organic veggies. The miso used for this soup was also Tomoe's first attempt at making miso at home (which I will write about later - but for now I have to get ready for a three-day hike starting tomorrow!).

Handmade Udon & Miso soup
* * *

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Handmade Udon


I hope Tomoe's home-made teuchi udon worked out well. Enjoy your hiking trip and have a wonderful holiday. As always, pictures are very appreciated. :)

That does look quite tasty ... happy holidays from the folks back in the ol' Western Hemisphere!

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