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15 meters up

P1010419_1.jpgHiking in Okutama

In our last attempt to get outdoors before I go away, Tomoe and I went to Okutama again this week. The first day we hiked a new trail to an old hut (the same hut we stayed in last time) because it was close enough to Okutama station that we could meet up with the volunteer tree-trimming gang at 9am.

The hike up was nice, the hike down was amazing. Starting at 5 am, seeing the sun rise above the city in the horizon, and passing many beautiful waterfalls (photos not processed yet). We met up with the tree-trimming volunteers and spent the day climbing 15 meters up with nothing but a rope around out waist and the tree to stop us from falling to our death. It was great. We will surely be back.

I wish I could write more, but I have a bus to catch in one hour...

For more info (if you can read Japanese) or photos (if you can't) check out Tomoe's new blog.

P1010322_1.jpgClimbing trees in Okutama


Great pics. You have inspired me to spend more time in Okutama this year. I'm going to wait until it gets a bit warmer though...

Thanks for reminding us all that there are good options close to Tokyo.

It seems that the grass is always greener over the fence. I’m about as far up north as you can get without hopping to Hokkaido, have more than my fair share of the great outdoors, yet I see you pictures and I wish I could be down there :}

I’m working on a web resource in English dedicated to Kyuya Fukada’s 100 mountains. Still a lot of work to do, but it gives you access to topo maps for all of them. you can see it at http://www.japangazetteer.com

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I'm imrpesesd! You've managed the almost impossible.

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