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Going away soon

Archers in Meji Jingu

By the way, I will be off-line for a few days starting this Friday (Jan 12) until mid Feb. I hope to come back with lots of great photos and experiences that I hope I don't find time to write about! :)

After being off-line for two months in the summer I really enjoyed not being "drawn" to the computer when I returned. I would only log on to blog/email once every other day or so. Recently however, I have started spending *waaaay* to much time in front of the computer again, and not near enough time living.

I have several things lined up to keep me busy after Feb, so hopefully my "wasted-in-front-of-computer"time will be limited even after I get back. Unfortunately, at least some of the 2007 plan won't allow complete withdrawal from the web. I just hope I can get a grip and control it better. With the TV it was easy enough - just get rid of it, but then this web thing came along and getting rid of it is not really an option... yet.

In order to prevent any emergencies that I can't handle (like what happened last time I was away for two months), I will try to remember to turn off comments. I don't suspect that it will effect anyone, since only a few people actually leave comments anyway, but...

The photo above is from Meji-Jingu, nearby Yoyogi park, where we went jogging today in an attempt to simulate the great feeling of trail-running in Okutama a few days ago. I forgot, however, that it was national coming of age day so I was not mentally prepared for the throngs of kimono clad 20-year-olds, and the very unproportionate number of foreign (western) men stalking them with cameras. There were many Japanese people with cameras as well, but it has been a long time since I saw so many white guys in one place.



I read your blog on the trip through Kyushu, and found out that you used to be at Kyushu-U. I used to be there until 2003. I have been to 2/3 of the places you have mentioned in the blog. Well, at least the destinations, such as Yufuin, Aso, Nagasaki, etc. I have never biked those routes (hills around my home near Kashii were too steep for me).

Anyway, the work you did in Okutama in this blog reminded me of my Grandfather. He is dead now, but whenever I went to visit him, he was taking care of his trees.


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