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New Year Art


No I don't spend all my time hiking. I also have been known to practice my painting skills every now and then (usually around new year). Last year I sent a total of three cards. This year I sent a whopping ten.

I have to admit that some of these are (poor) copies of paintings I found in a book. As the new-year deadline drew near, and I found myself increasingly upset with my own work, I decided to make it easy by worrying only about the technique, rather than wasting time on finding an original theme.

I can only hope that people would accuse me of stealing from Chihiro (my watercolor idol) when they view the painting of "Tomoe and Awii" at top. While it is impossible to copy her paintings, I aspire to achieve a style anywhere even close.


Ironically, my favorite (Year of the Pig) is the only one that is is completely my own... the one that I painted in disgust, when I was just fed-up with my lack of skill - attempting to use up the remaining white space on the page. That one went to my sister.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this whole experience for me, is that I find myself searching for validation from Tomoe's father, who is a professional illustrator. While I send most people one painting each, I have taken photos of all of them to include in the card to Tomoe's parents, together with the original "Tomoe and Awii" painting at the top of this post, along with all the *many* paintings that didn't make the cut. (yes, I spent *many* hours just to get this modest lineup. The only way this "tradition" will continue into next year is if I start painting the cards now... then maybe I will have at least five that I am satisfied with by next January).



i like #6 and #7 the most. not sure why really. maybe it's the look on #6 that i enjoy and #7 i find the bird in the cherry tree pleasant to look at. of course, i have no knowledge of watercolor so you are just getting one uninformed persons reaction.

Thanks Joe!

And to everyone else, remember that compliments may get you onto my new-year card list for next year!

Lovely cards!

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