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Found Photos

The Look

Finally, I have a new keyboard. The one I have been using with my iBook (to replace the in-board keyboard which crapped out) broke when I spilled some water on it a few weeks ago. It's harder than hang to find a cheap mac specific keyboard, so I ended up getting a keyboard that says it works with both Windows and Mac.Unfortunately , even though the symbols on the keys are in the right place, different things appear when I type, so I have to re-learn how to type. For example, the ( actually appears as an *, and where " is supposed to be, a # shows up. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Girl with BabyGirl in Kimono

Cleaning out a room in the upstairs today, I came across a box of photo albums from the previous owner of the house. I wish I was half as good at photography.

Today was a busy day visiting all the neighbors and bringing thank-you gifts for all the help they have given us - welcoming our customers into their homes for tea, helping them make snow-shoes, teaching them how to make tofu, etc. Tomorrow we have the monthly Haiku club meeting, and the day after I have my first trumpet competition with the local volunteer fire brigade. I am a trumpeter - though I can't even make it make a sound.

Two in a Boat


Sound sliek your mac thinks it is a U.S. format keyboard. Should be in System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu I think.

Thanks Bob,

I have input method set to Kotoeri, but there is no Japanese option for Keyboard.

Those photos are cool. I really like the first and third.

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