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Golden Week Japan Farm Volunteer

Early Spring in TsukiokaDSC_6246_1.jpg

I guess I spend too much time on jealous rants, and not enough working. Golden Week holiday has been creeping up on us and we still have not started promoting our little Japan Countryside Farming & Volunteer Project. If there is still anyone out there who has not decided what to do yet for the four-day-weekend, check out what we have planned and see if its something you or someone you know may be interested in.

Spend your Golden Week experiencing real life in the Japanese countryside. Participants in this program will not be treated like tourists. You will work along-side our neighbors as they tend to their fields and daily chores. You will eat what they eat, bath where they bath, and sleep in the same bed that they sleep in.

In addition to the farming, and volunteer project (fixing an irrigation ditch in the mountains), you will have lots of free time to explore the area on foot or by bike. Its getting greener day by day, so it should be be amazing.

We had been planning this for a few months now, but just getting our neighbors to commit takes a long time. When we first asked what people will be doing with their fields, all we got were a lot of hums and haws, and that sound Japanese people make by sucking air through clentched teeth to indicate that they are trying to avoid saying "no" or "I don't know". Finally, plans are moving and we have enough support that we feel comfortable promoting it. Another fire under our butt is that there is another magazine coming to write an article about it, so we have to find a few more participants so we don't look too lonely.

This program is open to anyone, Japanese or foreigner. No Japanese language skills needed. Hopefully there will be some other bi-lingual participants though, to help us keep communication flowing smoothly.

Early Spring in TsukiokaDSC_6016-1.jpg

Some of the photos are from this morning. I went out in hopes of finding some people working in their fields, but the place was pretty dead, with the exception of the campaign trucks promoting Shimada-san, who is running for mayor against... Shimada-san in the firsst election in over twenty years.

Early Spring in TsukiokaEarly Spring in TsukiokaDSC_6211_1.jpg


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