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Rice Farming: Step 1


we are gearing up for the summer. This is a photo of our rice fields. They will produce more than we can eat unless the river floods (as often happens) and wipes us out.


Rice growing is a cooperative process here. Everyone shares the tractors and planters, as well as the rice-shoots. Yesterday we helped in the preparation. The plastic trays in the photo above will house all the baby rice plants, and wood beams in the photo below will be used to control the flow of water for growing the rice shoots. Once the shoots reach a certain stage, farmers from the area will begin transplanting them into their respective fields.



I'd just like to say that your blog here is quite interesting. I'm particularly fixated on reading about things that I myself would probably never have exposure to, such as the intricacies of rice farming in Japan and other unique cultural minutiae. Keep on rockin' my friend.

If you want high quality wara, plant mochi rice. If you harvest with a combine you can either mulch or cut long.
Good luck

you are my favorite place in the blogisphere

I like how you explain in your posts why things happen, e.g., the trays are used for the baby rice plants. You have done this in your other posts and it makes the beautiful pictures that much more meaningful.

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