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Spring Happening

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The cherry blossoms have come and are almost gone. One interesting thing I have noticed is that people here don't pay much attention to the blossoms. I never saw anyone sitting under a tree drinking. Maybe this is because this is the time when EVERYTHING happens. It is not just the cherry trees, or the mizubasho, but also all the wild spring vegetables, and the new leaves on the trees. The snow is melting and the river is running high. The fish are out and its time for bear hunting. The fields need tilling, there is plenty of cow manure to be spread and some planting has begun. There are ditches to be cleared and gas to be bought (the price goes up 30 yen per liter tomorrow).

Who has time for cherry blossoms when there is so much spring happening?

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Bear hunting? Or was it the bears are hunting the fish?

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