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A dawn I was lucky to see but wish I didn't have to

Dawn After a Spring SnowDawn After a Spring SnowDawn After a Spring Snow

What was supposed to be just "another all-nighter" in order to get our work off to the printer in time to meet the end-of-March-or-lose-it-all deadline, turned into an "all of two days and two nighter - and still not finished". The headaches I got from ca fine withdrawal when I stopped pumping the (instant) good-stuff into my veins for just a one-hour nap was a wake-up call. At around 4 pm, after what was either dinner or lunch or brunch or dinfast (meals have lost any tempral reference point) we went to bed. I just woke up a bit before 9pm, feeling rested and ready to forge on. I felt so good that I was, at first, very much alarmed to see the clock, assuming it must be 9 AM! It took a while for the darkness to register, however, and I soon realized that I had only slept around five hours. Suddenly I became sleepy again, but not sleepy enough to overcome the can't-sleep-when-there's-work-to-do stress. Hence, here I am.

That was about 30 minutes ago. So far I have done no work yet, just building a roaring fire, getting up several times to get the roaring-ness "just right", creating a new You Tube play list for the day (Ben Sollee, Taj Mahal, Ben Harper, Regina Spektor, Keziah Jones, Betty Davis, and more), and transferring some of the photos I got yesterday(?) morning during a dawn(?) go-outside-to-breathe break of the new snow that was gone by mid-morning(?).

We are certainly not getting enough money from this grant - yet this is a project we had wanted to do for the village and our customers, and would have been working on in our free time anyway for free. It would have taken a lot longer, (with a lot less stress), and so it seems a waste to miss getting the cash, so we forge on, throwing our health and mental well-being to the wind.

These photos are from yesterday morning. As I wrote above, the snow was gone by around 10am. It started snowing again that afternoon, and at the time of writing this (9pm) there is a healthy dose of white that will hopefully be waiting for me at my next early morning lets-go-outside-for-five-minutes-before-we-go-crazy break.

Some links from the feeder that made me feel happy when I had a few minutes to surf the web, waiting for Illustrator to load or save this file or that...

  • Animals Getting Along Splendidly from Zooillogix (BTW, this blog hold the record for most links I pass on to Tomoe with a note saying "Just check this out... you'll like it")
  • OBSERVATIONS OF AN ECONOMIST ENVIRONMENTALIST asks, "What happened to whistling?"
  • Video footage showing that my god-daughter is possessed (check out her eyes at the end of the "Irene is walking!" video.)
  • More Fridge-less living links from Star Cooked. We were pretty much fridge-less for a long time after moving here, until we had to "plug in" for a large group of customers last fall. Since then the small freezer has been serving to preserve some foods we thought we might want to eat during the winter. As it turns out, we rarely, if ever, open the fridge/freezer door. We know now that we don't really need a fridge of freezer. Even buying eight liters of fresh milk from the local dairy guy, which we used over a period of two weeks, we had little use for the fridge. Try it. You may be suprised.
  • Man Collects Penises. a video complete with an interview of the curator of the "Icelandic Penis Museum". Some excerpts...
    ...boasts a collection of 143 penises from 43 mammals. [...] lit by a collection of ram's testicle lamps
    one comment I often get is "Why do this?". My answer is, "Well, somebody has to do this... I just have the fate of having to start it."
    . Please watch all 1:45 of this video. It is worth it.
  • Finally, Zoologic, Student Academy Award winner, somewhat related to the Animals Getting Along Splendidly video, but found on a completely unrelated blog (Drawn) I enjoy about illustration.

There are more (I have "wasted" a lot of time these past few days) but I really have to meet this deadline...

Dawn After a Spring SnowDawn After a Spring Snow

Finally (for real this time), maybe its just because I am sleep deprived, but the most recent Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me had me laughing loud enough to wake Tomoe up.

Dawn After a Spring SnowDawn After a Spring SnowDawn After a Spring Snow


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