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Shinanoyuki Masu (trout)fukinoto

The last few days have seen record high temps for March. The fukinoto is already out and blooming. Its best to pick them when they are still buds - before the little yellow flowers appear, but we have been locked up inside the house for so long that we didn't even notice they were blooming and completely missed the "easy" harvest near the house. Of course, there are still many fukinoto in the mountains that still have some snow on them to keep them from blooming, so we will be enjoying them for dinner

The trout in the back pond are also eating again. While they have been out and about on clear days over the winter, they didn't eat. Yesterday I threw in a handful of food and they went crazy.

Below is a shot of our hamlet (our house is just out of sight in the background) showing how little snow we have this year. Last year it didn't look like this until well into April.

Spring in Tsukioka


Glad I've finally found soemtnhig I agree with!

You're the graetest! JMHO

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