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Sleepless... but warm

Yukifumi toubanSnow @ Einokami in Akiyamago

Its 5 am and I finally decided to stop laying, as I have been since 11pm, there hoping I will fall asleep. Too much stress from too much work in too many different areas with too many deadlines too close together (and too many unanswered emails). And still I am sitting here doing everything but work. (Well, I did reply to a few emails - and watched the snow fall.

We are currently working on a project we are receiving a government grant for. We are supposed to be making a map of the area that highlights some of the more educational aspects, rather than just the normal hot-springs and gift-shops. According to the plan, it is also to include a neato-fun scavenger-hunt/orienteering style game that people can play with their cell-phones in order to help them notice things in the smaller hamlets that rarely (if ever) have outside visitors.

With only a month left before the strict deadline that determines if we get reimbursed for all the money and time we have already invested, my biggest worry is that we will be forced to submit something sub-par from what we have in mind. If that happens, we will continue to work on the project on our own time and money, and upgrade it to what we know we can do, but my big worry is mostly for the local official who wrote us a letter of recommendation. If we muck this up, he/the village may have a hard time getting another grant for other projects.

So I guess I should get back to work.

The photos are from the biggest snow storm we had all year (not that big) only a week ago. The majority of the snow had melted again by the time I went to bed last night, but as I lay awake, the sound of rain was eventually replaced by the sound of snow sliding off our roof. While it is only a few centimeters, it give me some cheer to look at, even though I will not get a chance to play in it.

I'm probably not the only one who is not sleeping though... a cyclist who is making his way around the world and stopped by for his first few dry nights under a roof, in a futon and with a warm bath since he left Jake's home on Feb 12. It was sunny and warm when he left us to head North, but the forecast calls for four days of snow. I hope he has found a shrine to pitch tent inside of. If not, I wont be surprised if he makes a u-turn. At least now he is armed with a newspaper article that was in our local paper explaining who he is an what he is doing. Since he can't speak Japanese, that should help him to get mooch hot meals and hopefully a dry place to sleep.

Finally Snow in Akiyamago


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