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Why it Snows in the Snow Country


Finally a bright moment as Tomoe and I work on this educational map of the village. I was trying to make an image to show why it snows so much here. After a few cups of coffee and some feel-good 80's tunes, I was in the mood to make this little drawing. I would love to use this as-is on the map, but I am guessing that Tomoe will not let me...

Basically, it is showing how the cold dry air comes from China, passes over the warm Japan Sea, picks up moisture and speed, slams into the mountain range that separates us from the coast, shoots up into the colder atmosphere, freezes, and dumps down on us as snow.

The only real problem I see with my drawing is that, scientifically speaking, the clouds coming from china would be moving into the cloud mans ass, instead of out of it.


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I'm not esaliy impressed. . . but that's impressing me! :)

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