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All Called Lucy

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The chickens are young and we didn't expect it so soon, so yesterday morning I was surprised to find our first egg out in the chicken coop! A few hours later there were three more.

The inaugural egg went right into my tummy, and the other three went to a neighbor who seemed as happy to get them as we are to finally have some kind of gift that few people in the village make themselves.

In addition to an emergency trip to a neighbor who gave me a big bucket full of shells to help replenish the calcium lost each time a chicken lays an egg, I also got the net up around the yard so the chickens are now free to roam, and much to our surprise (and probably theirs too), roam they did. They spent the entire day outdoors scratching and pecking away at the weeds and bugs and worms. Tomorrow's task is to get some soil to cover up all the concrete in our yard, making a place to grow more weeds for them, as well as to utilize their big juicy poops.

Currently they spend the nights in our basement. The floor is covered with wood chips and sawdust form the local geta (wooden sandal) maker.

We can't tell the chickens apart, so until we get some colored leg bands, they are all named Lucy.

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Our chickens are all called Captain! Good to hear that you got eggs so quickly. Now you just need to make them lay in the proper place each time so you don't have to go on egg hunting expeditions each day! My mother's chickens are let loose around the garden and the record number of eggs in one nest before the nest was found was 14.... Fresh eggs are definately the best!

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