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Poop Rolled Out Like Marbles

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For some reason our village has been a ghost-town for the past two days - just when I get a call from the Zennihon Nougyou Shinbun (All-Japan Farming Newspaper) telling me that my deadline was yesterday for my monthly photo about "life in Sakae Mura". I ran out last night and this morning looking for something interesting, but only saw a few people who were not doing much that I would consider "news-worthy". Maybe I have just gotten used to life here too much, and the things that would have fascinated me last year are too "normal" now.

Along the way I got a few photos of the only other chickens in the area that belong an old man in the next hamlet. It made me feel loved and needed when I went into their cage and they all ran away - unlike our chickens that run toward anyone that comes in. The neighborhood children especially love stopping by and petting and feeding ours by hand. (of course, maybe the only reason ours seem friendly is that they are always starved and desperate.)

But alas, I couldn't think of anything interesting for a caption, other than just "Chickens". Luckily the second graders at the local school have recently started taking care of a goat named Mari. I stopped by and got this mediocre shot of the goat and the children's goat diary, were whoever is in charge each day checks off the chores they have done, such as feeding her, changing her bedding, etc. At the end is a little space or the kids to record their observations. On this day the observation was that "Mari's poop rolled out like marbles" (that is my translation of korokoro unchi ga deta).

And that was the caption to the photo I submitted to the newspaper.

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