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Progress Report

Just some more photos from this morning. It has been a long time since I really took the camera out, so I am bit rusty. I seem to have lost my photo-mojo. I think it is just having too many things that I "think" I should be doing, and therefore feel bad just spending a morning walking around with the camera, and even worse spending an evening editing the photos.

But, thankfully I was forced to get up before sunrise this morning (the stars were amazing, and are again tonight) and, while obviously not my best photos, it felt good to be behind the lense again.

The photo above is a view of the the area where we have our rice paddies next to the Chikuma River. If you move your mouse over the photo, you will see where I have highlighted the paddies we are tending to this year, and you can see a larger photo here. On the one hand, it is a great location because it is very sandy soil, which makes for great rice, but that sandy soil is because every few years typhoon season brings floods that wipe out all but the highest fields.

Anyone growing rice in that area near the river recieves a government subsidy (not very much). And despite the risk, most people plant koshi-hikari rice, which takes longer to mature, increasing the risk of late leason flooding, but demands a higher price at market.

This year we are growing Akita Komachi rice, which is ready for harvest earlier, and why ours is the only one with rice drying on the rack. While it still tastes great, it does not have the brand-name value, and is not as profitable, but since we are growing it for mostly personal use, it doesn't matter. Plus, these are our only paddies, and if they get wiped out we have no backup fields, as the other farmers do.

While it is not shown in the photos above, we got a lot more work done today. I harvested and bundled and tied. And Tomoe did what she loves most - start fires.

Drying Rice and Burning WeedsPyromaniac


Wow. Beautiful scenery. I'm with Tomoe on lighting the fires.

And carrying my camera around always makes me feel like a tourist (not that we're exactly overrun with those...) rather than a *real* farmer so I end up sneaking around in the evenings getting grainy pictures...

Hi Kevin, nice stuff here.

What is the yeild from that rice you harvested? I am planning some for next year and want to grow about 50kg, but am not sure how much land to start begging for.

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