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That Time of Year

First Day of Rice HarvestFirst Day of Rice Harvest

Well, its that time of year again. Yesterday I started harvesting the rice, and I didn't get very far. I could have gotten a lot more done if the weather report hadn't called for rain that never came. Due to the likelihood of not actually being able to harvest, a fellow international couple living in the countryside of Nagano didn't come up for the day to help out. But have no fear Mrs. Shinshu Life, judging from how lazy I have been today, despite beautiful clear skies, there will be plenty of rice left to be harvested next weekend!

In the photo you can only see part of the fields that need to be harvested. Yesterday I, with the help of a neighbor, finished one-half of one of our seven fields, and since the neighbor is not available to help today, and also since I am wasting time writing this instead of working while it is daylight, I can only expect to complete another quarter of that field today. At this rate, I will have to worry more about snow than rain!

OK. Seriously, I gotta get going.

First Day of Rice HarvestFirst Day of Rice Harvest


Hey, thanks for being so considerate and taking some R&R time too prolong the harvest for us.

Total grain geek I am really interested in your 4 tier drying racks. Is that the local style? There are so many variations. We tried three tiers on one pole this year which is how the locals do it but it was a disaster and had to be restacked three times as it kept falling over.

Rained again last night here, fingers crossed you're getting good drying weather.

There are various ways people do it here. If I remember correctly, the tripods we used last year only had three tiers. This year we got some from a farmer who stopped sun drying (now just using the drying machine).

There are other ways to dry it as well. Right now I am using the "leave it lying on the ground" method, as I didn't have time to bundle up everything I cut yesterday.

I can't imagine how you could do it with just one pole holding it up. (I assume you mean one pole on each side, of course) but still you at least need some kind of brace. I will go get a picture of what I am taking about today.

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