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Buckets and buckets and baskets

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Buckets and buckets and baskets of walnuts. This is a bumper year, unlike last year when we didn't even fill one plastic grocery bag. I spent the afternoon washing them, and once the sun comes out the drying begins. We still have a stash from two years ago, because of last year's walnut drought, we were afraid to use them, but now it will be walnuts in the morning and walnuts at night, and anytime in-between!

The umbrella Tomoe is holding is actually for gathering mukago - tiny potatoes that grow on vines. We hold the umbrella below the vine and shake it (the vine) causing the mukago to drop. Unfortunatly, the area we saw tons of mukago a few days ago, was bare after the typhoon and rain apparently knocked everything off the vine into the underbrush where it is almost impossible to find them.

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I really enjoyed picking the little potatoes last Oct. when we were there. I could hardly touch the vines and they would fall off into the weeds.

Our neighbour just presented me with quite a few walnuts - the first ever on her tree. They are very small though... any hints about getting them out of the shells? My husband "kindly" bought me a walnut cracker for my birthday, but it doesn't exactly work too well! I'm thinking a sledge hammer might be the most effective - then I'd already have them all chopped nicely for cooking!

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