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Cleaning Up

DSC_9737 copyDSC_9844 copyDSC_9906 copy

Maybe, if your lucky, these will be the last photos from the rice field. (But probably there will be more). Yesterday we were cleaning up after the record harvest. I was loading all the rice and straw into the car, and Tomoe was doing what she loves best - burning things.

We have about three bags of rice that was still not dry enough because it did not have enough time on the drying rack. This we have to spread out on big blue plastic sheets in our neighbor's driveway for a few days until its moisture content drops to 15% or less - measured with a little device at the local rice center where everyone takes their rice to be sold to the JA (Japan Agriculture).

What you see hanging on the rack in the photo is straw that is not yet dried. THe rice has already been taken from it.

DSC_9902 copyDSC_9862 copy

The straw will be used for fertilizer and as mulch for next year's fields, instead of using those ugly black plastic things that everyone else uses. We *might* sell some to the beef farmer to feed his cattle if we can get enough to buy a truck-load of manure for next year, but I doubt we would get much money for the little amount we are willing to part with.

The biggest challenge now is finding space to store all the straw and rice until it is used.

I also somehow convinced Tomoe to give me a sexy pose. As you can see in he photo, she doesn't look six months pregnant. I am beginning to wonder if she is just making it all up to get out of work.

DSC_9829 copyDSC_9791 copy


AKAIK you've got the asenwr in one!

Real brain power on display. Thanks for that asnwer!

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